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Arcadia Airport is located in DeSoto County, Florida and is owned and operated by the City of Arcadia. It is located just .8 miles south of SR. 70 on Airport Road on the East side of Arcadia.

Arcadia is 51 miles East of Bradenton and 64 miles West of Okeechobee on SR 70 and 28 miles NE of Port Charlotte on US 17.

During WW1 Arcadia was known as “Aviation City” because of all the military aviation training going on at Carlstrom & Dorr Fields.

In 1934 the City of Arcadia bought 225 acres for delinquent taxes. A $10,000 federal grant was acquired to build a hangar and an airfield to be used as a “secondary field” to the Carlstrom Military Airfield located just south of Arcadia during the war. The original field had two turf runways approximately 2,500 feet in length.

A flight school was established on the field about 1946.
Then from the mid 70’s through the mid 80’s Pat Hange and Harriet Hamilton operated Lennox Flight School where they trained many aircraft and glider pilots. Both Pat & Harriet are in the Soaring Hall of Fame.

The City of Arcadia and Air-Cadia entered into an agreement for Fixed Base Operations in April of 1985. The balance of that contract was transferred to the new owners of Air-Cadia in 2001.

In 2009 the City of Arcadia established an Airport Advisory Committee made up of 7 members. This committee is working on ways to improve and expand the airport.

The City’s goal is to provide a friendly, safe and nicely maintained facility for General Aviation aircraft and for aviation related commercial development.

If you are a pilot looking for a place to keep your plane or a business looking to relocate to a nice G.A. Airport please contact us for more information.



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